The practice of attracting the public to the daily life of the zoo is widespread in the world. It is very interesting and honorable to be a patron, sponsor or volunteer. Besides it helps a lot to improve living conditions of animals in the Zoo.

Support from people is what fills the gap between our earned revenue and the costs of providing an above-average experience for our animals and humans alike. Peoples generosity creates experiences that bond families, inspire students, advance conservation around the world and spark a lifelong appreciation for the animals we all love. 

The Zoo is only a world-class institution because of the generous support of our members, donors, guests, neighbors, and community. Public partnership helps shape the future of the Zoo, guarantees a fun and welcoming environment for our guests, and ensures our animals are happy and healthy. 

Kyiv Zoo is also planning to start such programs and soon will finish its implementation.

Hope for your help, support and participation! Dont stay aside!

Make a difference today with a donation that makes real impact you can see (and hear!) on your Zoo.