World Animal Day

World Animal Day

World Animal Day is celebrated annually on the 4th of October 🐾❤️

As a nature conservation institution, Kyiv Zoo popularizes an ecological lifestyle, caring for animals, and makes maximum efforts to preserve rare species. Even in times of war Kyiv Zoo continues its mission to preserve and restore the biodiversity of Ukraine. In partnership with Rewilding Ukraine Kyiv Zoo scientists released hamsters that were born in the zoo in the Natural and Ethnographic Park of the Tarutyn Steppe – a unique place in Odesa region 🏞

A program is being implemented here to restore all steppe species that once belonged to virgin steppes of Ukraine. Wild kulans already live in the steppe, and hamsters, which were a common species for the steppe in the past, will play a significant role in maintaining the ecological balance.

It is for such projects to restore biodiversity that the Program for breeding European hamsters functions and is implemented in in our zoo 🐹💚

Kyiv Zoo continues its work with respect for nature and love for life 💙💛