The biggest toys for the biggest resident

The biggest toys for the biggest resident

🐘 At the beginning of the new season-2023 the favorite of all Kyiv residents and guests of the city – Horace the elephant received new giant toys:

🪵🪵 Two wooden comb trunks, 4 meters high;

🪨 A huge smooth boulder weighing 9 tons.

These toys were selected to ensure his natural behavior taking into account the needs and peculiarities of the character of our elephant.

☝️ We remind you that Horace is still a “young man” – he is 18 years old but has a strong build and weighs about 4 tons. Every day he eats about 150 kg of feed and drinks almost 70 liters of water. The diet consists of hay, oat straw, branch fodder, vegetables, fruits and five kilograms of specialized pelleted fodder.

And this weekend – on April 8 and 9 at 12:00 p.m. a demonstration second lunch at the elephant will be held 🍏

💚 Come to see!