Spring update at the zoo

Spring update at the zoo

🪶 The pelicans have already gone to their favorite pond 💦

Little by little, the bears are coming out of their warm dens 🐻

🦙🐫🦌 Przewalski’s horses, alpacas, camels and deers frolic in outdoor enclosures, rejoicing at the first green blade of grass 🌱

🐘  Our elephant strolls solemnly, inhaling the aroma of spring primroses 🌸

Tigers, lynxes, forest cats and lions squint at the sun ☀🦁🐯

🦝  Funny raccoons and coati are hanging around.

🦆🦢  Swans, geese and ducks busily inspect the future places for their nests 🪺

The old park is turning green, full of flocks of starlings, blackbirds and playful squirrels 🐿🥜

💚 Meet spring with Kyivzoo!