Spring is the period of new zoo families creation

Spring is the period of new zoo families creation

☀️🌷🌿 Spring is a period of nature awakening, new hopes and faith in a beautiful future! This spring, more than 19 new families were created at Kyiv Zoo and this is in addition to the existing ones.

☝️ Couples and families are create for different reasons – someone for reproduction, and someone just for company – according to the Collection Plan. This is a difficult and very responsible job for all zoo employees.

We would like to remind you that last year the zoo replenished on 300 newborn cubs and almost 400 animals from the affected regions received warmth and shelter from us.

In Kyiv zoo you will see a wide variety of families- both scaly 🦎 and feathered 🦜 and fluffy 🐾

Yes, for the rescued de Brazza monkey named Sima a new companion named Sil was specially brought 🐒

💚🪶 For Sirko the gray crane a beautiful companion Roksolana was found and brought.

For our Garry the vulture colleagues gave two cute feathered “girls” 🦅🦅

The red deer herd of 5 females received a new noble leader Neo 🦌

🦝 The newly created family of raccoons is getting a whole family ranch! After all, they had a large family: 16 animals among which 9 were saved from the war.

And red-footed tortoises Antonio and Maria sheltered in the zoo have already mastered their new comfortable hut 🐢🐢

Therefore, we do everything to ensure that our residents live in comfort and delight us and visitors with healthy, beautiful offspring! 🥰