Rescued monkeys

Rescued monkeys

Our story today is about two rescued female patas monkeys Rene and Sophie 🐒🐒
They came to us in March from a private zoo in Yasnohorodka that was ruined by russian invaders.

The animals were under terrible stress. They were even afraid to approach food. But love and care of our specialists gradually returned peace to little hearts. So now the monkeys have completely mastered their enclosure and lead an active mode of life.

Rene and Sophie turned out to be big sweet tooths who love sweet berries and fruits. Especially – ripe cherries 🍒

Patas monkeys belong to the African species of primates. These monkeys are very active and fast and usually have a difficult character. They got their name because of their long black mustaches, reminiscent of hussars.

You can see these beauties in Kyiv Zoo lower park. We are waiting for you! 💚