Renovated bird oasis

Renovated bird oasis

There is snow outside the windows and in the renewed winter bird aviary it is warm, green and noisy 🌡🌿🪶 Despite all current difficulties we keep improving living conditions of our animals 💚

This year ibises are having their second housewarming. In addition to the summer green water areas, the zoo staff created a beautiful greenhouse. Along with 11 red ibises a flock of 21 pink flamingos and a pair of black swans with four chicks will also winter here.

A warm pool of 25 sq.m., different levels of additives, natural soils and a variety of live trees and bushes have been arranged for a comfortable stay of birds. Due to the glass dome roof the greenhouse has high-quality natural lighting and heat-loving birds can enjoy sun’s rays even in their winter enclosure ☀

Come and admire the bird oasis at Kyiv Zoo!


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