Release of flamingos

Release of flamingos

This weekend one of the brightest and rarest birds of Ukraine – the pink flamingo – will be on exposition on its summer lake grounds 🦩 🏞

This year new comfort zones with green areas and sandy and clay beaches were arranged here and 10 nesting sites were created. All for the sake of the welfare of animals and a new special goal – to help birds in obtaining offspring, last year’s hostilities delayed but did not destroy these plans of ours 🪺

In addition to their extraordinary beauty these birds are also interesting in their behavior which resembles fiery dances. Among the “signature” movements are fiery stomping in muddy water with flapping of wings, as well as simultaneous rhythmic rotations and movements of the neck of the head for the entire flock.

☝️ Our visitors always have questions about the water turbidity and coastal silt in which beautiful bright birds live. We’ll tell you a secret: these magical creatures don’t just love mud, they specifically look for it. After all, only from it they build real “castles” that serve as their nests. The explanatory signs installed near the exhibition will tell you about this.

✔Special birds have a special dish – “Black Sea Mixture” which consists of:

🍤 small Black Sea shrimp;

🐟 chopped sea and river fish of several varieties;

🥩 minced meat;

🥚 chopped boiled egg;

🌽 corn flour, bran, several different cereals;

🥗 6 types of fresh vegetable ingredients.

🟣 this dish is served with a sable vitamin-mineral powder.

💚 And our dear European colleagues gave us professional granular feed “Flamingo” which goes well with our mixture.

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