Picnic for flamingos

Picnic for flamingos

Thanks to one of the warmest autumn seasons, our flamingos enjoyed the open lakes until the middle of November 💦🍁🍂 But from Monday they will move to the warm winter garden.


The flock of our flamingos counts 21 birds and is the largest one among the zoos of Ukraine 🦩🦩🦩


Among them are those saved from poachers and russian aggression. For example, due to the activity of enemy aviation, our Zironka refused to fly to the occupied Crimea in 2014. She was found confused and exhausted by Zhytomyr fishermen on a cold October day.


Now she lives in a friendly playful flock of birds 💚


All conditions for a healthy and comfortable life have been created for our birds. All year round they are surrounded by green living nature, clean air, warmth and water.
And of course they receive delicious and healthy mixture of minced meat and fish, shrimp, daphnia crustaceans, hamarus, ground dandelion leaves and lettuce, grain flour and vitamin and mineral additives. And also – special granulated feed for birds.


So this weekend our flamingos will close the summer season with a big picnic in the fresh air 🏞🍤🥗




November 11, 12 and 13 at 12:00 – a lake with flamingos


Come to see!


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