Peasant-style potatoes for Kyivzoo primates

Peasant-style potatoes for Kyivzoo primates

Racist aggression against Ukraine continues. People suffer and unfortunately the war does not bypass animals… Now in our country there is a big problem with the existence of zoos, zoo corners and shelters for our smaller brothers. Therefore support of such institutions is currently extremely important and necessary.

«We are responsible for those we tamed» is a famous quote from the philosophical novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. We use this phrase thinking about the responsibility we bear to all animal world of our country 💙💛

In our zoo, like all Kyivans, we faced the problem of electricity lack. But we adapted and found a way out – wood burning stove 🪵🔥🍲

Every morning we cook and bake various “dishes” for animals on such stoves: compotes, porridge, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish and many others.
Yes, our primates like peasant-style delicacies, and they are especially eager to eat baked potatoes 💚 🥔🐵

Taking into account this successful experience we are planning to install three more such stoves. Therefore we continue to do everything to ensure that every animal of Kyiv Zoo feels comfortable, warm and full 🥰

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Together we will win! 🇺🇦