Our Tien Shan brown bear Chudo

Our Tien Shan brown bear Chudo

Our Tien Shan brown bear named Chudo (“Miracle”) lives in an open green enclosure with an area of more than 1200 square meters 🐻🏞

She is already 24 years old, what is a very old age for a bear.

For her comfort, our old bear has a large artificial lake, a rocky water fountain with small bridges, various climbing frames, mushrooms from the sun, scratching posts, and a cosy hammock where “grandma” rests. To be healthy and live longer our Miraculous Bear has sun, air, water, veterinary care and, of course, delicious healthy food 🐟🍓🥜🍯

The Tien Shan brown bear is on the verge of extinction. There are no more than 200 individuals of this subspecies in the world. You cannot find them in Ukrainian nature, but three of such bears live under the careful care of humans – they are Chudo from the Kyiv Zoo, Chada from the WHITE ROCK Bear Shelter and Khrystyna from the “Domazhyr” shelter Ведмежий Притулок Домажир.

You can see Chudo in the large natural enclosure of the Kyiv Zoo Bear Continent. Come for a visit! 💚