Visiting Tony the Gorilla



Our primates are preparing for the housewarming! Already in the next 2018-year African species of monkeys, including our beloved Tony the Gorilla will get new European enclosures.

Currently, our 43-year-old "pensioner" watches his own TV got comfortable with all amenities in a haystack on a heated platform. Like all elderly people, according to the human standards he is almost 70 years old, Tony sometimes falls asleep when watching his favorite movie.

Times of terrifying experiments and extreme jumps have been lost behind. However, in our opinion, his mature prudence, silver gray hair and thoughtful poses only add charm to our Tony and emphasize his natural charisma.

Thanks to the quality work of zoologists and veterinarians, Tony is almost in the natural form - his weight had reduced to 200 kg. Earlier this could not be achieved due to consumption of sweets, gingerbreads, chips and even sausages thrown up to his enclosure by "commiserative" visitors.

So now, our mature "philosopher" consumes only healthy, useful and delicious food, communicates with keepers who have already become his family and with his arms folded over his chest, he thinks of higher matters :)
Information from scientists

Average age of Western Lowland Gorilla in the wild is 35-40 years. In zoos, under favorable conditions and attentive attitude average age is around 50 years. The average weight of lowland gorilla males is 140-160 kg. The heaviest individuals reach a weight of 200-210kg.

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