Have time to congratulate the New Year symbol!

Have time to congratulate the New Year symbol!

The New Year 2023 is approaching and according to the Eastern calendar it will be held under the symbol of the Black Water Rabbit 🎄🐰 🎉

So, traditionally we have created a thematic exhibition where you can get to know representatives of the most unusual domestic rabbit breeds: black and fiery rabbits and Belgian Flanders.

🐰 Black and fiery rabbits immediately conquer with their color: shiny and saturated black color combined with bright fiery red color. Although they are not very different from others in care, their temperament is not rabbit-like at all! Due to their origin from hares and wild rabbits, they are distinguished by their combative nature and jumpiness. Like the next year 2023, their character is sharp and unpredictable.
✔️ At the exhibition you will get to know four black-and-flame “robbers” – Vognyk the rabbit and his friends: Ozhinka, Krapochka and Zirochka – they are 4 months old and their little ears are still gaining weight, which is now about 700-800 grams. Four of them eat up to 1 kg of feed per day.

🐰 The Belgian Flander is one of the largest breeds of rabbits in the world. They are distinguished by a calm, friendly and peaceful nature along with simply gigantic sizes. An adult rabbit can weigh up to 20 kg!
✔️ At the exhibition you will meet a pair of Belgian Flanders – Fanny and Bunny. Now they are still quite young, they are 8 months old. But they already weigh about 10 kg and eat more than 2 kg of feed during the day.

💚 Now our furry friends are curiously exploring new houses with a variety of climbing walls and tunnels and enjoying their favorite food – carrots, beets, cabbage and a special complete ration compound feed that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. And of course – fragrant meadow hay made of various herbs 🥕🌾 And also – they invite you to visit them! 😉

Come to Kyiv Zoo with a good mood and positive emotions!!!