We present a new format of the academic year for young nature lovers.

We are waiting for middle and high school students starting from the 5th grade continues until the end of September. The number of places is limited, so we are waiting for the most ardent connoisseurs of animals and environment.
Given the extraordinary circumstances, we have prepared a unique lesson plan that takes advantage of the online learning format combined with meetings at the zoo.
Waiting list

The main topics of this year’s course:
– About the universe and life on planets;
– Paleontology is the science of organisms that once inhabited the Earth;
– Evolution – the origin and changes of the living world;
– Basics of general zoology;
– Zoo and reserve affairs;
– Ecology and environmental protection;
– Consequences of the war and the future reconstruction of Ukraine’s nature.

And we are also starting a particularly relevant project “Accessible zoology from KyivZoo. In it, our teachers (candidates of biological sciences) will explain the topics of the zoology textbook in a simple way. Classes will be broadcast online.

And, of course, all our previous projects will continue to work:
– “Enamored in the planet” – creation of short videos by students about the living world.
– “ZooArt” – a project for visually impaired children.
– “Zoo-lesson” – lessons on ecology and zoology for high school students in Kyiv.
– Outing promotions to medical and rehabilitation institutions with animals – assistants of young naturalists group.
– “Zootherapy” – occupational therapy and socialization of people with disabilities on the territory of the zoo.
– “Discussion zoo club” – online and offline meetings for presentations and discussions of complex and interesting biological topics for children.
– “Tournament of young biologists” – online quiz on zoology.
– Other eco-educational actions dedicated to individual animals and environmental events