Offsprings in muntjacs family

Offsprings in muntjacs family

Our job is to combine animal welfare with safety and comfort for visitors.
Animals provided with everything they need, create families and groups and make us and our visitors happy as children. And one of our successes was the birth of little Mia – muntjac deer cub.

Although Mia receives herbal supplements she is still breastfed by her mother Milka.


Muntjac is one of the smallest deer in the world, only 50 cm tall. This little creature breaks all stereotypes about deer – herbivorous fearsome animals, because male deer have long fangs, which are used in battles with rivals.
The diet of these animals consists not only of plants, but also fungi, found eggs and even small birds and rodents.

And this deer strikes with strange sounds – it barks at opponent like a real dog. And a male buzzes like a bumblebee, to a female and she responds to him with a cute cat meow.

And we have many, many such stories. So, to be continued…