Little bear cub Berry

Little bear cub Berry

💟 Good news for our visitors. Little bear cub Bery, born on January 19, went out to its enclosure for the first time. Of course, accompanied by his mother Baby 🥰

The family of these three bears: father Bob (16 years old), mother Baby (16 years old) and daughter Bery (6 months) – are listed in the studbook and belong to the valuable genetic line of Himalayan bears.

Dad and mom are foodies, like all real bears. In just 1 day, each of them eats about 18 kg of various foods, in particular: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals and, of course, honey, nuts and berries. Little Bery, in addition to the most delicious mother’s milk in the world, also has its own food preferences: meat, beetroot, oatmeal, fruit and bread – about 4 kg in total. Among other things, it emits a sweet raspberry. It is because of this love of bears for berries that the little one was named Bery (Berry).

Like ordinary children, the baby plays with its mother, swims in an artificial pond, climbs and jumps on logs and explores the surrounding world with wonder. You can now see our Bery every day from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. in the large natural enclosure in the Bear Continent.

Come and get acquainted! 🐻💚