KyivZoo Club

In the new school year, Zoo Weekend has opened a new format – a series of lectures on the channel YouTube.

Anyone can sign up for a unique training from our best specialists, as well as communicate and discuss with the community Kyiv Zoo Club young naturalists.

All you have to do is register, get a link to your email address and watch our new videos via a special newsletter.

And, of course, leave in the comments all the questions, thoughts and impressions. The number and age of participants are not limited, so register and immerse yourself in the world of wildlife with the whole family!

For those who visit our Club at the Kyiv Zoo, the time of meetings and the number of group members has changed, in accordance with the quarantine requirements. We invite everyone who wants to visit KyivZoo in person every week in the new school year before registration HERE.


    Subscribe to the YouTube channel, register for membership in the Club, communicate with KyivZoo specialists, nature calls researchers!