Join a good deed – support animals well-being!

Join a good deed – support animals well-being!

The cold season is almost here and we are doing everything to keep our animals warm, cared for and fed: we stock up on fodder, insulate buildings, buy electric generators, infrared heaters, wood-burning stoves, etc.

This year not only permanent residents, but also more than 200 rescued animals from the most affected regions of our country will spend winter at Kyiv Zoo. And every four-legged 🐾, feathered 🪶 or scaly 🐍 – even the smallest ones – receive all our care 🥰, warmth ☀️ and love 💚.

But it would be impossible to provide full care without your participation. After all it is your donations and tickets purchase allow us to cover our biggest expenses – for feed, veterinary equipment and medicines, electricity, gas, water supply, zoo infrastructure support etc.

Like all Ukraine we are in a state of austerity. So always very grateful for your help. Friends – you are incredible!


Join a good deed – support animals well-being! Together we will win! 💙💛

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