International Children’s Day at Kyiv Zoo

International Children’s Day at Kyiv Zoo

During the year Kyiv Zoo conducts constant social work to support and develop the young generation: charity events, educational lessons, environmental tours and lectures, etc.
And every year on June 1, we seem to be taking an exam in front of the children, and we have something to be proud of. For the year that has passed since June 1, 2021, the following events were held:
– More than 40 classes in 4 groups of the “young naturalists” club;
– 15 lectures in schools of Shevchenkivskyi district (Zoo Lessons project);
– 12 outdoor events in National Children’s Specialized Hospital “Ohmatdyt”;
– Scientific summer camp (35 lessons in 10 days);
– Social project “Zoo-art” – acquaintance of children with visual impairments and autism spectrum disorders with the surrounding world of wildlife;
– Almost 30 charity tours for children from socially disadvantaged families;
– Excursions and joint promotions with the Center for Labor Rehabilitation of Mentally Retarded People in Kyiv, Nadiya Special Secondary School (children with physical and mental disabilities), Matusya Family Club, Ukrainian Society of the Blind (UTOS);
– More than 100 environmental education publications for children and families.

During the war, it is especially important to help the injured children, as well as the children of our defenders. Therefore, Children’s Day is a great opportunity for our socio-cultural institution to continue to carry knowledge and positive emotions.
Together with the Kyiv City Center for Assistance to Participants in the Anti-Terrorist Operation we’ve organized a social event for children of ATO / OOS participants. During this event the children will be able to visit the zoo and participate in various creative events, workshops and quests. Also they will be able to create a bright picture “Kyiv Zoo for children” by adding paint into a two-meter coloring book.

For the first time we present our new project “Happy animals by children eyes” – bright pictures of children undergoing treatment at OKMATDYT.


Events within the event:

1. Project “Happy animals by children eyes”. How would happy animals look like if they could change color like a chameleon? We invited young patients of the National Children’s Specialized Hospital “Ohmatdyt” to add bright colors to the black and white military routine and present their extraordinary drawings.

2. Coloring book “Kyiv Zoo for children”
A0 format panel with contours of Kyiv Zoo animals for children’s creativity, where everyone with the help of their own imagination and colorful felt-tip pens will be able to depict animals in the brightest colors of love and happiness.

3. Children’s master classes on modeling, drawing, application, as well as competitions, games, quests, quizzes at 10 locations for all children’s tastes and interests.