Information about the ZOO

In the Kiev zoo it is possible and SHOULD:

Keep the ticket until the end of the visit.

Contact the next administrator for all questions that interest you, and in case of misunderstandings (you can call 044 277 4769).

Enjoy acquaintance with animals and plants, which according to the Law “On Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine” have scientific and environmental value.

In the Kiev zoo it is NOT possible:

  • smoking outside the smoking area
    (our animals do not smoke, the smell of tobacco makes them terribly nervous and depressing)
  • feed and disturb animals
    (Our animals eat on schedule, if you break it, they have stomach aches and they can get sick)
  • go behind the fence
    (our animals are good, but they are animals, so they can bite, trample or even bite)
  • leave children unattended, cared for and cared for by parents, adoptive parents, guardians, custodians, etc.
    (Our animals love children, so they may want to keep them to themselves)
  • place and place children on barriers and fences (see section 3)
  • drink alcohol and / or are intoxicated
    (our animals will not understand you and may even begin to despise you)
  • shout, shout, rehearse, giggle loudly, stomp and make loud noises in any way
    (our animals have fine hearing, sharp noises cause unpredictable reactions)
  • spoil trees, shrubs, flowers
    (our animals love beauty, and greenery – the beauty of our zoo)
  • photograph animals with flashes
    (Our animals then have red lighted eyes in the photo, and in general they are very scared)
  • throw anything in the aviary
    (our animals can swallow and drown anything)
  • spontaneously move garden and park equipment
    (Our animals may decide that you are stealing and will protect the property)
  • bring and bring pets
    (our animals are prone to jealousy, they are convinced that for you they are the only unique ones)
  • travel on bicycles, gyroscooters, scooters and other vehicles for adults, except for business and disabled
    (Our animals will be nervous for the safety of other visitors and their children)


1. These Rules regulate the organization and procedure for parking vehicles in the parking lot (ground garage for temporary storage of vehicles) (hereinafter – parking) of the Kiev Zoo and developed in accordance with the Rules of parking vehicles approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from December 3, 2009. № 1342 and the Rules of improvement of the city of Kyiv, approved by the Decision of the Kyiv City Council of December 25, 2008 № 1051 / 1051.2. These Rules apply to persons who place vehicles in parking lots (hereinafter – users).

3. These Rules do not regulate the organization and procedure for the provision of services for the storage of vehicles (cars, buses, motorcycles, scooters, wheelchairs, mopeds and trailers) owned by citizens and legal entities, as well as transit vehicles engaged in international and long-distance transportation, organization and procedure for providing which are established by the Rules of storage of vehicles in parking lots, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of January 22, 1996 № 115.

4. Parking is open 24 hours a day.

5. The user is obliged to:

– comply with the requirements of these Rules and other regulations governing the field of paid parking in Kyiv;

– maintain cleanliness and order in the parking lot;

– pay the cost of services for the use of paid parking spaces;

– put the vehicle in the parking place in accordance with the markings, as well as in compliance with the requirements of these Rules and the Rules of the Road;

– place a payment document (fiscal check) in the lower left corner of the windshield of the vehicle so as to ensure its visibility for verification;

– after the expiration of the paid parking time, vacate the parking space or pay the cost of services for the use of paid parking spaces during the actual parking. Free parking of the vehicle is allowed for 20 minutes after the end of the paid parking time;

– if as a result of parking a vehicle in violation of these Rules and other regulations governing the field of paid parking in Kyiv or the Rules of the Road will be damaged property that is on the balance of the Kiev Zoo, housing and communal services, road users traffic, greenery, created obstacles for the movement of other users – the user is responsible in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

6. The cost of services for the use of paid parking areas is paid by the user for each hour of parking in accordance with the established tariffs.

Daily rate – 20 UAH / hour (daily rate is valid from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm).

Night rate – 10 UAH / hour (Night rate is valid from 20:00 to 8:00)

Payment of the cost of services for the use of paid parking spaces is confirmed by a fiscal check.

7. If the user does not pick up his vehicle within the prescribed period, the administration has the right to apply to the National Police of Ukraine with a request to move the vehicle to special areas, followed by charging the user a fee for parking for the entire stay. vehicle in the parking lot.

8. The right to free parking is enjoyed by:

– special motor transport with official state license plates during the performance of direct official duties in the area of paid parking places (prosecutor’s office, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service, fire protection, ambulance, emergency special transport of municipal utilities, etc.);

– – persons with disabilities or drivers transporting persons with disabilities;;

– veterans of the Great Patriotic War, anti-terrorist operation / environmental protection and other local wars.

9. Kyiv Zoo in the parking lot provides reservations, special parking spaces in the amount of 10 percent of the total, but not less than one parking space for cars and other vehicles carrying people with disabilities, with their markings or other information indicators.

10. It is forbidden:

– entry of a vehicle without a state license plate. Vehicles that are registered in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine (or any other country that does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine) and have a state license plate are accepted into the parking lot;

– parking of vehicles in the places forbidden for this purpose, marked by the corresponding road signs or road markings;

– parking of heavy vehicles;

– be to outsiders;

– install boxes and cabinets for storing inventory, spare parts or tools;

– litter the area, drain used oils on the ground or road surface, damage the equipment of parking lots, damage greenery, light fires;

– carry out trade or any other activity that contradicts the rules of conduct in the parking lot.

11. Parking protection is carried out only on the territory of the parking lot by employees of the security department by means of temporary patrols and means of video surveillance. The parking administration is not responsible for the preservation of the vehicle placed on the parking lots in the parking lot and the dismantling of the vehicle, as well as for the property of the parking user left in the vehicle.


By purchasing an entrance ticket to the Kyiv Zoo, visitors confirm that they are familiar with and agree with the Zoo Regulations of the Kyiv Zoo, as well as that they will be individually responsible for their non-compliance / violation and all negative consequences associated with such non-compliance / violation of the Zoo Rules. moral damage, damage to health, but not limited to this.