Information about the ZOO

The main goals of the Kiev Zoo:

  • conservation – maintenance and breeding of rare species to create reserve populations in artificial conditions; participation in international breeding programs; maintenance of the arboretum; rehabilitation of animals in order to return them to the natural environment; monitoring of natural populations;
  • research – conducting research and development of methodological recommendations aimed at improving the conditions of animals; collection of data on biology, behavior, rehabilitation of animals, necessary for the conservation of rare species in the wild and for the development of applied and basic science; publication of research results in scientific and popular publications, coverage at conferences; scientific cooperation in the field of general biology, ethology, parasitology, ecology, veterinary medicine, etc .;
  • educational – organization of numerous educational events and participation in them; conducting excursions, zoo lessons for schoolchildren and lectures on biology and nature protection; providing high-quality demonstration of the zoo’s animal exposition; leading a circle of young naturalists; conducting internships for students of higher educational institutions; development of labeling with reliable information about the biology and distribution of species; providing information for the media and citizens;
  • educational – ensuring the work of teams of young naturalists; organization of children’s leisure with an educational bias; dissemination of environmental messages through the zoo’s web content; work with volunteers and activists;
  • recreational – organization of leisure and recreation of Kyiv residents and guests of the city in the park zone of Kyivzoo with all the necessary elements of infrastructure and amenities.