Hello, we are from the Zoo

Hello, we are from the Zoo

On February 24, 2022 the full-scale war began. Free and independent Ukraine was attacked by cursed racists having no understanding how strong Ukrainians are in spirit – with an indomitable will for freedom and a great desire to live on their land.

It is difficult to count the feats and sacrifices of our military, the ingenuity and courage of volunteers, the humanity and kindness of ordinary Ukrainians during this year. Ukraine is above all! 🇺🇦

The war entered every family, every house and every heart. It poisoned water, air and our lives. And Kyiv Zoo was not an exception…

Someone went to the front, someone to the territorial defence , someone dug trenches and built defensive structures, and someone was on round-the-clock duty for the sake of our residents lives and rescue of animals burned by the war – more than 400 individuals from different parts of our country received love, care and new home

In such difficult times the one begin to understand that without the support of ordinary people, public and charitable organizations, government institutions of various levels, colleagues from zoos in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and around the world, the office of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) the consequences of these difficult events would be more critical and scary.

Today we remember the events of this terrible year with gratitude to everyone who helped us to survive it! Thanks to your support, humanitarian aid and donations, our animals are provided with everything they need.

And although the war continues so does our fight and your help does not stop! Together we will win! 💙💛

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