Happy rescue of ferrets’ family

Happy rescue of ferrets’ family

Today we will tell about the happy rescue of ferrets’ family. They arrived to us in spring 2022.
These were 8 fluffy frightened animals – 2 males and 6 females. All animals were exhausted, frightened and needed serious veterinary care.

💚 And now after eight months of rehabilitation we are happy to present rescued ferrets in their new home.

Ferrets are very intelligent, playful and interesting animals. You can watch their fun for hours 🥰 And you can also admire these brawlers:

✅ This Saturday and Sunday, 18th and 19th of February at 12:00 in Kyiv Zoo (Bear Continent module) their demonstration feeding will be held.

And when you meet, try to guess whose name they are: Captain Schnitzel, Cola, Zhovtochok, Belochka, Shishechka, Persik, Kakao and Gaechka😉