Галереи - Photo report from our expedition in the exclusion zone

Field trip took place! Our team managed to count Przewalski’s horses from different groups. Interesting material on behavior, marking activity, use of anthropogenically transformed environment is collected. For example, once again recorded an interesting fact: horses go inside abandoned premises, fleeing from weather conditions or insects. And also noticed how the marking activity varies depending on the landscape. And of course, it is most interesting to observe how individuals behave in a group depending on the status in the herd, age and sex. We also visited the Przewalski Horse Shelter, which was in danger of destruction – we will be happy to support the noble cause with consultations and laboratory tests. There is still a lot of work ahead. And from this trip, please see our short photo report. Author of the text and photo: MG Shkvyrya, Ph.D., researcher at the Institute of Zoology. II Schmalhausen NASU