Галереи - International Bird Day – 2017

Every year, April 1 is International Bird Day, which is held under the UNESCO program “Man and the Biosphere”. The International Convention for the Protection of Birds was signed in 1906, and since then April 1 has been not only a celebration of the signing of the convention, but also the International Day of Birds. International Bird Day is celebrated in April, because April is the first real spring month. It is at this time of year that birds show a great miracle of love for the Motherland, covering thousands of kilometers to it from warmer lands. With the first rays of heat, when February is still on the calendar, the sky above our homes turns into an air highway, through which the amazing creatures of nature move, perfect and graceful conquerors of the sky – birds. We join the celebration and present renovated houses for our waterfowl, as well as new comfortable and cozy platform nests for pelicans Kyivzoo 🙂 Take care of the birds, they are our friends!