Галереи - Intensive training for staff

The work of the zoo requires extraordinary skills. After all, our animals are the main value for us. And it’s not even that they belong to rare and endangered species. We care about the quality of their lives, their health and the comfort of their living conditions. The zoo is an issue of animal welfare, staff safety, veterinary management and, of course, education. Kyiv Zoo is an organization with a history. Our experience is in itself a treasure for professionals. It is not so easy to study for a keeper or a veterinarian of exotic animals. This is not taught in educational institutions. Only work at the zoo, gaining experience from colleagues, including foreign ones. European zoos have made rapid progress in technology, so we want to take the best and reach the European level. To do this, we study in Ukraine, in Europe (and not only), we invite specialists and train our own. We are developing the Zoo Competence Center for the development and development of various methods, recommendations and consultations. And now we have also received the Candidate for EAZA, we have to implement the latest developments and methods. How to arrange an aviary so that the anaconda feels comfortable, how to teach a bear to allow a veterinarian to examine his teeth, how to release young rare animals into the wild, how to teach children to love native nature and be an active conservationist. All this became the topic of our intensive training for staff. Sharing thoughts, ideas, planning – it gives inspiration to work. We are grateful to all participants, especially those who came from other cities. We promise – we will continue to develop!