Галереи - Heat in Kyivzoo

On hot summer days, visitors to Kyivzoo are always interested in how our animals tolerate high temperatures. Let’s tell you a secret: with the arrival of summer heat, zoo keepers combine an additional profession – “water carriers” 🙂 After all, our employees try to help the animals to freshen up! All residents of the Kiev Zoo have free access to water and shade. At any time, at their discretion, they can drink or relax in specially created shady places. Drinking water is changed regularly, and the cages and rooms are additionally refreshed with water from a hose. Depending on the species and needs of our animals take a summer shower, swim in pools or splash in special containers with water. Although the heat and summer are in full swing outside the window, Kyiv Zoo is a place of comfort and shade, fresh air and good mood!