Галереи - Earth Day – 2017

Every year, on April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth Day. This day has become a universal symbolic holiday of love and care for our common home. It is on April 22 in different parts of the globe that people who are not indifferent to environmental problems hold various bright and at the same time useful activities aimed at making the world more clean and responsible. Earth Day is a great occasion to gather your team and help our planet Earth – to green it and enrich the animal world. Today Kyivzo celebrated this wonderful holiday together with the online edition Comments.ua with the support of the holiday partners Ibis Hotel, UNIKA Insurance Company and ColgatePalmolive. Interesting toys for elephants, lions, hyenas and bears were made together with the zoo’s specialists. All participants of the event, admiring the playful and happy animals, once again made sure that wild animals are the decoration of our planet and need respect, love and protection!