This predator is the only representative of Procyonidae family that hibernates. Homeland of raccoon is North America. However this animal was acclimated in several European countries, Caucasus and Central Asia. In Ukraine raccoon does not live although people often confuse it with another, also artificially acclimated species - with raccoon dog from family Canidae. Raccoon feed on fruits, nuts, insects, meat, small mammals and birds, fishes, crabs and frogs, devastate bird nests. This animal also likes visiting towns and delves into the garbage. In some areas of the USA it is a real problem.

Recently it becomes very popular in Ukraine to lead raccoon as a pet. However, this animal requires large insulated enclosure and professional care. It is especially difficult to treat raccoon after puberty. People will face the problem of broken and damaged things, bitten children and in addition high risk of zoonotic infections. It is better to admire these animals in Kyiv Zoo :)

Author of the text and photos

Maryna Shkvyria, PhD

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