This Red Book animal is rare in the wild. In Ukraine only two populations have survived two - Carpathian and Woodland. The Eurasian lynx is a medium-sized cat. It has powerful, relatively long legs, with large webbed and furred paws that act like snowshoes. It also possesses a short "bobbed" tail with an all-black tip, black tufts of hair on its ears, and a long grey-and-white ruff. Males usually weigh from 20 to 25 kg and females weigh not more than 20 kg.

In Ukraine mainly feed on roe deer, hares and rodents, more seldom - birds. For pet lynx hunts rare. Lynxes mostly live singly. Females take care of kittens (usually there are two kittens) alone. Contacts between males and females of neighbor areas can occur quite often and peaceful. Moreover a territory of a male is very often partially overlaps with a territory of female.

The mating season for Eurasian lynx lasts from the end of February beginning of March. Gestation lasts from 67 to 74 days, and results in the birth of from one to four kittens. Unlike the wolf, lynx is trying to keep far away from people, spending time in forests, fragmented marshes, old clearings or rocky areas. Mostly lynx leads a secretive way of life.

Kyiv Zoo is a place where lynx are breeding and it is a great opportunity to see these animals.

Author of the text and photos
Maryna Shkvyria, PhD

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