Club of young naturalists

The circle of young naturalists (yunnats) in the Kiev Zoo has existed for over 80 years! Our graduates include scientists, teachers and staff from Europe’s leading zoos. The history of the circle is closely intertwined with the historical events of the 20th century. There were periods of prosperity and difficult times. Finally, since 2015, the circle has resumed its work in a modern format.

To date, 60 high school and middle school children are involved in four groups. The curriculum is designed for 3 years. The first year – acquaintance with the taxonomy of the animal world, mastering the basics of animal care and acquiring skills of scientific work. During the second year of study, the youngsters study the peculiarities of the zoo business, as well as get acquainted with various professions related to the study of wildlife. The third year of study is devoted to the individual scientific interests of the group members.

You can see the main types of classes and works in the PHOTO


individual research projects and presentation of works at scientific competitions,
participation in festive, educational and social actions of KyivZoo,
seasonal assistance to departments.

For our youngest pupils, students of 5-6 grades, a special one-year program of eco-orientation “ZooWeekend” has been created, which aims to form a respectful attitude to the living, acquaintance with the basic requirements of humane keeping of animals and acquisition of wildlife skills.

Those who dream of joining us in the next school year 2020-2021, need to fill out the registration form and follow the ads on this page of the site and on the Facebook page of the Kiev Zoo. We invite students of grades 5-8 to study, enrollment in the circle is carried out on a competitive basis and takes place at the beginning of the school year based on the results of the interview.