Black swans of the Kyiv Zoo

Black swans of the Kyiv Zoo

Many people believe that life in the zoo freezes in winter. But it is not so.

🐅🦬🦌 Animals of a temperate climate welcome visitors in large open enclosures, and life of warm-loving inhabitants of Kyiv Zoo could be observed in the indoor green oases of the Island of Animals, Bird Island, Monkey House and others 🐊🐦🐵🐘🦒🐢

🪶 And today we introduce you to the feathered inhabitants of the southern hemisphere – black swans at the quantity of 11 individuals. And in addition we are expecting for offspring 🐣 After all one pair of these handsome birds has nested. Their chicks from the previous brood have already grown up and getting”SPA procedures” nearby 💦

The second adult pair raises the chick keeping it under constant parental control

Another pair of young birds has its own lake near the central entrance to the zoo, where it welcomes guests of Kyiv Zoo 💚

Come to see!