Autumn – winter diet of Kyiv zoo animals

Autumn – winter diet of Kyiv zoo animals

🍁❄ Preparing for winter is not only warming the premises, but also changes in the diet of zoo animals:
✔️ first of all, feed portions have been increased by 10-15%;
✔️ secondly, it is the replacement of seasonal green mass with dried herbs, dried fruits, berry and fruit jam, compotes, frozen vegetables and fruits, etc;
✔️ and thirdly, an increase in vitamin and mineral supplements, because a balanced and healthy diet is the key to the health of our animals 🐾💚

🐻 Before hibernation, bears get fat on honey and peanuts, carrots and pumpkins, fish and meat, autumn berries and fruits.

🐒🦍 Primates in cozy warm enclosures drink compotes and tea with lemon, eat baked pumpkins, nuts and dried fruits.

🦢🦆🦩 Birds flock to a mixture of various cereals, seeds, boiled eggs, mineral supplements and vitamins.

🐘🦙🐗 The ungulates feast on fragrant meadow hay, taste vegetable gifts of autumn and vitamin granulated fodder. And real “gourmets” spices up their dishes with salt lollipop 🍭

New approaches to work were introduced this year. So now each department grows fresh greens, natural vegetables, fruits and berries in their own gardens, greenhouses and gardens 🍎🍇🥕🥬

We do our best to make every zoo animal feel comfortable, warm and satiated 🥰


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