Biological classification

Order (Carnivora)

Family Felidae

                                                                             General information and habits

Wild cat is listed as ôvulnerableö in the Red Data Book of Ukraine.

The habitat of a wild cat in Ukraine covers the Carpathian region, south-eastern part of Vinnitsa region, certain areas of Kirovograd and Odessa regions. In the 17-18 centuries species was also occurred in the Carpathian Mountains, in Volyn and Sumy.

The species inhabits broadleaf, mixed and rarely coniferous forests, and overflow land forests For the species seasonal vertical movement in mountainous areas are typical.

Diet: The diet includes mouse-like rodents and birds. Although the cat feed on insects, lizards or wild rose hips. Biology: Wild cats are solitary animals. They are active mainly in the nighttime and twilight.

Females give birth every year in late April or early May. They make dens in the hollows of old trees, rock crevices, reeds and brushwood. There are usually 2 - 4 cubs in a litter. Kittens are born blind and helpless, and are covered in a fuzzy coat.

Wild cat in Kyiv Zoo

Kyiv Zoo is the only zoo in Ukraine where the wild cat lives. This rare animal was rescued from poachers a few years ago and brought to the zoo from Vinnitsa region. His name is Silver and he loves quail eggs. Zoo plans to form a pair to breed these rare animals and develop program to return cats to the wild.