Animal world of Kyiv

Animal world of Kyiv

Zoologists, who study the fauna of Kyiv, believe that several thousand species of animals live here. It is difficult to say the exact number of animals because they are actively moving: some animals live in the city permanently; others come in for a while and go away. In addition, research is ongoing, and every year scientists discover something new in nature.

According to data, collected in 2020, the fauna of the capital consists of:

48 species of mammals;

110 species of birds;

6 species of reptiles;

52 species of fish;

Several thousand species of invertebrates (beetles, butterflies, dragonflies, mantises, grasshoppers, bumblebees, and bees, as well as sponges, mollusks, and various crustaceans).

Among these several thousand species, there are 42 particularly rare and endangered species. They are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. 

Bats deserve special attention and protection. This is the only mammal threatened with extinction in Europe. Therefore, all species of bats belong to the species subject to special protection. 10 species of bats listed in the Red Book live in Kyiv 

More than 110 species of birds nest within Kyiv. It should be noted that almost all species need special protection. On the central streets of our capital, you can hear the singing of rare birds: great tit, blackbird, black nuthatch, grey flycatcher, starling, finch and greenfinch, and white wagtail can be seen on the sidewalks of Khreshchatyk. In the attics of buildings nests a small falcon – boriviter; often a large predator – common buzzard. In the city parks of the capital have become common chickens, blue tit, flycatcher, in the forests you can find nests of nightingales and shepherds, and in winter – and owls. The nightingale is rightly considered to be the most popular feathered inhabitant of our parks, but its number has decreased over the last 30 years. Of particular interest are well-known amphibians and waterfowl: lake martin, tern, reed warbler and pond, waterfowl, coot, mallard, and woodpecker. Somewhere in the suburbs of Kyiv (Troieschyna, Konchi-Zaspa), there are still nests.