ôWild animals of Ukraineö Tour

We invite you to attend special excursions in Kyiv Zoo!

You can get more information by calling: +38-067-487-86-80 or +38-044-232-49-05

Please take into account that most excursions are outdoors. In the cold seasons you need to be warmly dressed.

ôWild animals of Ukraineö Tour

Around the world, and right here in Ukraine, species are disappearing. It's a tragic fact with which humans go into a new century. We invite you to our tour for a discussion on animals which are on the brink of disappearing.

You will see animals found in the Red Book of Ukraine, including very rare species of forest cats, Ukrainian lynx, and Przewalski's horses. You will also see brown bears, owls, wolves, wild boar, and other animals.

We will discuss and find out why these animals are dying, who is to blame, and what to do to stop it.

Duration:  1.5 - 2 hours
Language:  english
Price:  UAH 600 per group
Group:  from 1 up to 25-30 people
Contact phone: 


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