The Kyiv Zoo Tour

We invite you to attend special excursions in Kyiv Zoo!

You can get more information by calling: +38-067-487-86-80 or +38-044-232-49-05

Please take into account that most excursions are outdoors. In the cold seasons you need to be warmly dressed.

The Kyiv Zoo Tour

The excursion is intended for children who are in-depth studying English, adults and foreigners.

In this tour you will hear about the many secrets of the Kiev Zoo and receive an introduction to the lives of the many animals who call the zoo home. You will learn what Tony the gorilla eats for breakfast, how Hercules the lion is led by his wife Christina, what toys Horas the elephant likes to play with, why hippos are painted pink, and many other fascinating facts!

The tour covers the following animals: lynx, raccoons, coati, wolves, hyenas, hippos, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, deer, llamas, camels, bison, pelicans, flamingos, lions, tigers, bears, and many others.

Please note that in winter some animals may be unavailable depending on the conditions. We appreciate your understanding.

Duration:  1.5 - 2 hour
Language:  english
Price:  UAH 600 per group
Group:  from 1 up to 25-30 people
Contact phone: 


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