Information about zoo

Kyiv Zoo - is more than just a zoo. This is the story of the city and its inhabitants.
Collection of the Kiev zoo - it is not only and not just valuable exhibits. This personality of its history. For some of our animals - among the oldest European zoos.

  •     the total area of ​​the Kiev zoo is 34 hectares;
  •     collection of animals includes 2,480 specimens of 330 species of animals;
  •     Kyiv zoo annually visited by about 600 thousand. residents and guests of the capital.

The collection formed based conservation status of species of research interest, educational value.

It held 36 animal species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and 208 - to the International Red List, 18 species are protected by CITES international convention.

Its situated in a quite prosperous place. The lie of the ground is convenient for different types of animals. Here also has being developed huge and adult green park. People can observe here not only animals but  beautiful nature sightseeings. In fact it is 34 hectares of botanical garden.